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A little bit about BRC Design

BRC Design is not unique in the world of web design and web hosting. There are many excellent companies out that perform services very similar to what we do. So why choose us?

BRC Design is comprised of tightly knit group of people who are experts in several different fields, and have found their way into web design since 1996. This makes us unique. Although we are proud of our web creations and graphics, and spend a great deal of time dedicated to our design work and business, we do not consider ourselves geeks (yet).

Designers at BRC have professional backgrounds in aerospace engineering, electrical design and electronics, mechanical design, model building, 3D solid modeling and CAD, automotive technologies, machining, manufacturing, as well as medical equipment and medical services. We also have a good background in retail sales and distribution.

This can be a huge advantage to you. Since we have the background and experience, we have insight into what your company will focus on, the importance of each product or bit of information, and the general understanding of what you will present to the world on your web site. To put it simply, we speak your language, and the name of this game is communication.

If your goal is to have a well designed, functional, easy to navigate and appealing web presense, BRC can provide your business or organization better service than other companies staffed by individuals talented only in the computer and code aspects of your site design.