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Web Site Options

BRC Design offers a variety of JAVA, CGI, Multi-Media and other applications and functions to make your web site more powerful and useful. We also offer custom scanning and graphic animations

Most general functions, from scrolling text, counters, rotating images and other page manipulations are a standard part of our working resources. More advanced features require licenced software for their use. Please e-mail us to find out more about the variety of functions and multimedia applications available.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart - $200 add-on to web hosting

BRC offers E-Commerce on-line shopping cart systems for sites hosted on our server. Our primary product offered is Akopia Interchange, one of the most robust and easy to use cart systems anywhere. This product is best if you are building a complete E-commerce web site from the ground up. Shopping Cart's powerful features include:

  • Graphical, easy-to-use, web-based administration suite
  • Built-in credit card validation
  • Highly customizable "look and feel"
  • Unlimited product categories and sub-categories
  • Automatic shipping and handling charges, customized by the user
  • Automatic tax table, completely customizable
  • Product search capabilities
  • Secure order processing
  • Online documentation

For an example of what this system is capable of:
CLICK HERE to view a working test site of the product.
Remember: all colors, messages, product descriptions, logos and titles are customizable. This sample administration suite shows how you can edit colors and messages, among other features.

CLICK HERE to view the Administration Demo and user interface
(use the user name:
interchange password: pass )

The only cost to you for this capability will be a small one time Set Up Fee of $200. That's it. There are no more fee associated with the shopping cart software, and it is yours to use as long as you are hosted with us. You will have to establish a merchant account to handle on-line payments and verification if you desire that capability.

BRC Design offers this a an optional add on to our hosting service. Integration and creation of the web site is an additional service.

E-Commerce "Add-On" - $200 for licence

We often are requested to add "shopping cart" functionality to existing web sites. Sometimes this is not easy, because many shopping carts require that the site be constructed in a certain way. This often require an extensive redesign and reconstruction of the web site. Yes, it gets expensive.

Maybe you have a web site where you only will be offering 20-50 items for sale and do not want or need the complexity and features found in the top-end shopping cart systems.

BRC has found an E-Commerce product that can get around all of that! It is called U-Shop created by Microburst Technologies. This cart system we offer can be integrated into ANY exisiting web site! We call it the "ADD-ON" shopping cart system. CLICK HERE TO SEE A DEMO

This product is ideal for smaller vendors. And it also is great for merchants who have existing credit card merchant account services (storefront), and do not wish the additional expense of an on-line verification/merchant service. You can use the system that you have. All order data is transmitted SECURELY to you for processing.

BRC Design offers this as an optional add on to our facelift and hosting services. Integration and creation of the web site is an additional service.