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OK... How much is this going to cost me?

BRC Design offers very reasonable rates for all of it's services. For complete web sites, we offer design and hosting packages that are excellent values and are billed at a flat rate. No hourly charges, and we ensure your satisfaction before the web site goes live on the net.

Web Design only - Starting at $250

BRC offers quality web site design for any size site. If you have existing web space, be it on a commercial web provider, or simply available as part of the package provided by your internet provider, BRC will be happy to configure that space and install your new web page for you.

Our prices start at our flat rate $250 for a basic 3 page informational "brochure" type of site. Our 5 page basic site is offered at $400. Often enough, either of these will be adequate to get you started. From there, site creation prices vary based on the content, graphics and advanced functions. As such, it is advisable to contact us directly, so we may quote you an accurate price.

Face Lift Services - We prefer to quote web site face lift costs at a flat rate. This will clearly depend on the condition of the existing site, and the extent to which it will be revised. Contact us so we may look over your site and give you an estimate.

Standard Rate - Our standard hourly rate for web and graphic design is $30 per hour. You can use this general number for estimating purposes.

Web Maintenance - Based on our standard hourly rate, we will work with you to determine a schedule and scope for daily, weekly or monthly web site updates. Once agreed upon, this will become a flat rate price for the term required.

BRC wants to work with and for you! - If you have a limited budget, we will work with you to proved an outstanding web site at a price that is within your budget. The pricing shown for all services are negotiable based on what each individual or company requires. We also provide special discounted rates for trade organizations, charities, and a variety of special interest groups. Email us, you will be amazed what can be worked out.